How To Write A Google Review On Iphone

Are you looking to share your experience and leave a review for a business on Google using your iPhone? Look no further, because this article will guide you through the process step by step.

With the Google Maps app right at your fingertips, you can easily find the business you want to review and leave your feedback for others to see. In this article, we will show you how to access the Google Maps app on your iPhone, locate the business you want to review, and open the review section.

Once you’re there, we’ll walk you through writing and submitting your Google review. Whether you had a fantastic experience or want to provide constructive feedback, leaving a review on Google can help others make informed decisions.

So, grab your iPhone and let’s get started on writing that Google review!

How To Write A Google Review On Iphone

Accessing the Google Maps App on your iPhone

To access the Google Maps app on your iPhone, simply tap on the app icon. This will open the app and take you to the main screen where you can start using Google Maps features.

Once you have opened the app, you will see a search bar at the top of the screen. This is where you can enter the location you want to search for or get directions to. You can type in the specific address or the name of a place, such as a restaurant or a landmark.

In addition to searching for locations, you can also use Google Maps to get directions. To do this, tap on the blue ‘Directions’ button located at the bottom of the screen. From there, you can enter your starting point and destination to get detailed turn-by-turn directions.

Google Maps also offers features like real-time traffic updates, public transportation information, and street view imagery. To access these features, simply tap on the respective icons located at the bottom of the screen.

Overall, accessing Google Maps on your iPhone is a straightforward process. By tapping on the app icon, you can easily search for locations, get directions, and explore various features offered by Google Maps.

Finding the Business and Opening the Review Section

Once you’ve located the business you want to review, simply tap on it and the review section will open up like a hidden treasure chest waiting to be discovered.

Finding the business within the Google Maps app is a breeze. You can either search for the business by typing its name in the search bar or browse through the map and zoom in on the location. Once you’ve found the business, tap on it to reveal its information page.

From here, you’ll see various tabs such as Overview, Reviews, and Photos. To access the review section, simply swipe left or scroll down until you see the Reviews tab. Tap on it, and you’ll be greeted with a list of reviews left by other users.

To leave your own review, tap on the ‘Write a review’ button. The review section is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to easily rate the business, write your review, and even add photos if you’d like. Once you’re done, simply tap on the ‘Post’ button to submit your review.

Navigating the review section is a seamless experience, making it easy for you to share your thoughts and opinions about the business you’ve visited.

Writing and Submitting your Google Review

Get ready to share your experience and leave a glowing review for that amazing restaurant you discovered on Google Maps! Writing a Google review is not only a way to express your satisfaction, but it also plays a crucial role in helping other people make informed decisions.

When businesses receive positive reviews, it boosts their reputation and encourages more customers to visit. So, how can you write an effective Google review?

Firstly, be specific in your review. Instead of saying ‘I loved the food,’ mention the dishes that stood out and why they impressed you. This will provide valuable details for readers. Additionally, mention any exceptional service you received or any unique features of the restaurant.

Next, keep your review concise. While it’s important to provide enough information, avoid writing a lengthy essay. Stick to the highlights and key points to maintain the reader’s interest.

Lastly, be honest and authentic in your review. Share your genuine experience, whether positive or negative, as this will help others make informed decisions. However, it’s important to provide constructive criticism rather than being overly negative.

Once you’ve written your review, proofread it for any errors or typos, then simply tap the submit button. Your review will be published on Google Maps, contributing to the collective knowledge and helping others discover great businesses.

Writing a Google review is a powerful tool to support businesses and guide potential customers. By following these tips, you can write an effective review that will make a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write a Google review on my iPhone without using the Google Maps app?

Yes, you can write a Google review on your iPhone without using the Google Maps app.

To do this, simply open your preferred web browser and navigate to Google’s homepage.

Search for the business you want to review and click on their listing.

Scroll down to the review section and click on ‘Write a review.’

Follow the prompts to write and submit your review.

This process allows you to write a Google review without using the Google Maps app.

How can I edit or delete a Google review on my iPhone?

To edit or delete a Google review on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Maps app.
  2. Tap on the menu button in the top left corner.
  3. Select ‘Your Contributions.’
  4. Go to ‘Reviews.’
  5. Find the review you want to edit or delete.
  6. Tap on the three dots next to it.
  7. Choose the appropriate option.

Editing allows you to change your rating and comments, while deleting removes the review entirely.

Are there any limitations on the length of a Google review written on an iPhone?

There are limitations on the length of a Google review written on an iPhone. Google allows a maximum of 4,000 characters for a review, which is equivalent to about 700 words.

Keep in mind that longer reviews may not be as effective in conveying your message.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the length restrictions apply to all devices, not just iPhones. So whether you’re writing a review on an iPhone, Android, or any other device, the character limit remains the same.

Can I attach photos to my Google review on an iPhone?

Yes, you can easily attach photos to your Google review on iPhone. This feature allows you to enhance your review and provide visual evidence of your experience.

To add a photo, simply tap on the camera icon in the review writing interface and choose a photo from your iPhone’s gallery.

This is a great way to make your review more detailed and informative for other users.

Is it possible to see my previously written Google reviews on my iPhone?

Yes, it’s possible to see your previously written Google reviews on your iPhone. If you’re having trouble retrieving them, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try.

First, make sure you’re logged in to your Google account. Then, open the Google Maps app and tap on your profile picture.

From there, you should be able to access your ‘Contributions’ tab. Here, you can view and manage your past reviews.


In conclusion, writing a Google review on your iPhone is a simple and straightforward process.

First, access the Google Maps app on your iPhone.

Next, find the business you want to review by searching for its name or location.

Once you have found the business, open its profile and scroll down to the review section.

Tap on the “Write a review” button to start composing your review.

Remember to provide an objective and informative review, using concise language to convey your thoughts.

Be honest and specific about your experience with the business.

Your review can greatly impact businesses and help other users make informed decisions.

So, don’t hesitate to share your experiences and contribute to the Google community.